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Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas – When it comes to creating a focal point in the living room, Architectural Digest always forgets one thing: the TV. Living rooms without TVs may look great with big pictures and beautiful fireplaces, but they don’t reflect the fact that 99% of our living rooms are centered around…the TV.

And why not? The living room is made for comfort and relaxation, and entertaining often goes hand in hand with the two. Unfortunately, while TVs are important in any modern living room, they don’t look very nice when not in use.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Unless you’re willing to spend $3500 for a Samsung frame and require a library wall to “hide” the fact that you have a TV, you’ll love it. Are you looking for a way to stand up your TV? A little more interesting? Look at the This is where the TV sound wall comes in and there are two different ways you can do it.

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Today, we’re going to list some of our favorite ways to build a round TV wall, from wooden TV walls, to concrete TV walls, and some other ideas you might not have heard of!

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Although marble had a “moment” a few years ago, its timelessness cannot be denied, and the same is true for wooden signs. A marble and wood combination, when done right, can create a window for your TV that is small, but not boring or distracting. White marble draws the eye, while wood beams break the glare and add warmth to the space. The two combine to make your TV feel like a free piece of viewing space, rather than a dark, free-standing rectangle in the middle of the room.

To budget for something like that, you can check out these planet-shaped marbles from Lowe’s. If you want to know how much it costs to use real marble, take the price of the Lowe’s product and multiply it by about 55x (kidding, not true).

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

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Calculating the amount of wood in this range should be fairly easy, but whether or not you install the wood can vary quite a bit depending on what kind of wood you’re using (for example, hard walnut is very expensive. Better than stained ash or maple). Another option is to use blanket skin boards, which have synthetic fibers with engineered MDF, to stabilize them. Inexpensive without buying a good quality wooden wall.

Tongue and groove or wall mount boards are a common feature, but can be overwhelming if not executed correctly. Here, the table is good because if you paint it a dark color, it gives the shelf to pop out the white shelf, while the TV is naturally hidden. . The minimalist vertical lines of the wall panels add a touch of ’50s flair, without feeling dated or dated. Exaggeration.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

If you want to skip the wall while helping your TV “blend” into the space, a black wall is a great option. You won’t find anything like tongue and groove paneling or dark wood paneling, though you’ll get a clean, minimalist look with a big pop of contrast.

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If you have a narrow space, you can paint an entire wall, or go with clean lines to create separation in a spacious living room, as La Peace did in the project shown above. Don’t forget your lace tape on that way!

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Not all interiors are suitable for this look, but concrete wallpaper can create a stunning ambiance for the right space. Homes that have a portion of that “aesthetic loft” can be taken to the next level by incorporating an exposed concrete shape, especially behind the TV. Try something like a concrete wall mural from Photowall to try out this project.

If you’re trying to brighten up your living room and keep it small while still adding a few things, a dark wooden wall behind your TV might be the best choice. The best way to achieve this look is to get black wood wall panels, which have exploded in popularity in Canada and the US. Then, all you need is a TV with fire inside. Let us know when you find it!

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

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Wall beams, also known as wall beams, are another trend that has taken off recently, and you can see why. The style dates back to the 1750s and is sure to add a touch of Victorian charm to any room, in this case, the living room. Not only does it make the space look old (without being old), but it also frames the TV like a painting might be created today. Add some forest green shirts and you’ll be living like European royalty in no time. There is a great blog post on The Old House about how to do such a project.

Is it too much and out of our budget? yes Is it beautiful and important to mention? yes but This modern-yet-rustic living room showcases today’s trends (hello, upholstered furniture) that feature great design without losing timelessness. This impermanence is almost always achieved by using real materials, in this case, wood, to make a statement. Although we may think that the ceiling floor is a bit high, the natural oak wall wins.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

This look combines several projects we’ve already seen – you get the interesting character of leather, combined with that natural oak grain that’s absolutely irresistible, especially if you go for a Scandinavian or mid-century modern look. If you’re feeling confident, you can turn this into a DIY project, or you can use wooden wall panels to recreate the task.

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OK, this isn’t a signal wall for anyone, but at least it deserves an honorable mention. Luis Arturo uses LA-based Samsung Frame TV to create this wall around the TV with framed photos of Framebridge, which is completely unknown from the film. It’s definitely not as compact as other styles we’ve seen, but it’s great if you’re a little more practical.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Okay, guilty as charged, we just can’t get enough of this look. Wood stone walls feel modern and contemporary, but have also been central to Japanese and Scandinavian design for centuries. This combination of wood accent walls is one of those good home projects, because you know it will look as timeless in ten years as it does today.

We plant a tree for every table sold and are on a mission to be 100% carbon neutral by 2023. Large and small living rooms should be decorated with dust and magic. Comfortable living room seating can enhance (and mood) when you’re entertaining. Plus, it gives you a place to improvise on your comfy sofa when you’re motivated by a 10-hour Netflix binge.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

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Despite the functionality of your living room, decorating it can seem like a daunting task. If you’ve made random attempts to improve your living space but still feel overwhelmed by the process, you may have missed a simple decorating hack—the walls around the living room.

From bold colors to artistic backdrops, using some of these living room wall ideas can instantly shake up the cohesiveness of your space.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Frame your living space with planks that take up two-thirds or more of your wall space. To set its best appeal, give it a bold color. Described as both rustic and seaside, beadboard will add architectural character to your space.

Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

To bring a lively atmosphere to any living space, install a geometric round wall. With a wide range of accessories and accessories to choose from, you can make your living room comfortable and attractive.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Your ceiling is your fifth wall, so it’s a great place to add an element of surprise. With a self-supporting arch like this one, you can add visual height to your space for a great airy experience.

If you’re looking for a classic look, try an accent wall covered in wainscoting. This style won’t let you down (even ten years from now).

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

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For more wall candy that’s smarter, combine timeless designs like wallpaper for wreaths, wreaths, and trebles. For added drama, paint your crown and crown a bright color.

If you don’t want your television to be the center of your room, use light gray wallpaper to blend in. Not only does this wall add subtle depth to your space, it also provides a quiet (and unobtrusive) backdrop for movies.

Living Room Accent Wall Decor Ideas

If you have a living room, choose one wall to paint in dark navy. Navy usually goes well with other colors, complements many beautiful designs and is known for being strong.

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