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Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas – In recent seasons, homeowners have turned to design and decorating ideas that embrace more natural textures and create an organic atmosphere indoors. By all accounts, this is a trend that will continue to dominate in 2016, and stone walls offer a uniquely timeless way to get in on the bandwagon. Of course, not all of us have a stone wall in our home waiting to be discovered and displayed in the most elegant way. If a natural stone wall seems like too much of a change, then stone veneer is a less demanding alternative that is easy to incorporate into a modern space.

While we’ve already featured some beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms with stone walls, today it’s the exquisite dining room’s turn. Whether you have a dedicated dining room or a small dining room, a stone wallpaper will give it an air of exclusivity. And as the 15 different inspirations below show, a stone wall works surprisingly well with almost any style and shade.

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Modern dining rooms may seem odd places to showcase the textural beauty of a natural stone wall. But the truth is quite the opposite, as the polished setting transforms the stone wall into a charming focal point, bringing contrast and a dash of rustic charm. A stone wall adds comfort to minimalist and modern dining rooms where artistic and curated finishes make an impact, and this clever infusion of a more “organic” surface completely transforms the look of the space, while leaving its contemporary vibe intact. . Lighting, decor, and accessories can highlight this fusion by bringing a different style, such as a Spanish Colonial or farmhouse, to a mostly modern space.

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The fusion of modern minimalism and the natural beauty of a stone wall [By: Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography]

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Lighting can make or break the look of an accent stone wall in a dining room and often plays the biggest role in determining the specific style of a room. Saw and candle lights, resting in small niches carved into the stone wall, form a dramatic and dreamlike backdrop that transforms an ordinary dining room into a stunning masterpiece. Those who are looking for more modern alternatives can turn to LED strips, while during the day the glass roof over the stone wall takes care. Add some beautiful pendants or a sparkling chandelier above the dining table to complete the perfect dining room!

Stacked stone, stone veneer or even a natural stone wall in a contemporary dining room is a great choice, but why not try a more exotic theme or a glamorous style that benefits from the presence of a stone wall? As you may have already noticed, each of them

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Interior Stone Wall

Presented today has a slightly different style, from minimalist and industrial to Mediterranean, farmhouse, cottage and mid-century. This proves that working with a stone wall in the dining room actually frees you from the usual monotony and is anything but a hindrance! Use this to your advantage and easily switch between styles with changing trends.

The Mediterranean dining room provides the perfect setting to showcase the beauty of the stone walls (Design: Jenkins Custom Homes).

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Sherry is a blogger who likes to live her life to the fullest. She enjoys everything related to design, decor and modern style trends. Born in California, Sherry grew up on open farms and in a wild environment, which defined her taste for design and developed her interest in studying how structures and homes affect beauty[…] Interior stone wall ideas are not just beautiful wall finish. Stone is a material that man used in ancient times for various constructions – from small houses to magnificent palaces. The great popularity of the stone made it universally popular and accessible, and despite being considered a luxury today, the stone has many unique properties. Fortunately, modern technology has developed alternatives to natural stone and we will look at both natural and artificial stone. Many people wonder whether it is worth investing in natural stone or choosing an artificial alternative. Let’s look at the differences, advantages and disadvantages of natural stone and artificial alternatives.

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When it comes to interior stone wall ideas, the first decision you need to make is what type of stone to use. If you don’t already have an authentic antique natural stone wall that you want to preserve, you can choose artificial stone panels or invest in natural stone.

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

The first and perhaps most important difference between the two types of stone is the origin. Natural stone is collected and processed from quarries. Some types of natural stone are processed in factories and shaped into large slabs. The shaping technique can include diamond saws and water blades, and some stones, such as river pebbles, which are more popular for landscaping, can be used in interior design without additional shaping. You might see them as kitchen spray, for example.

Artificial stone is a man-made product, also known as fake, artificial, cultured, etc., and is made of cement that is poured into molds. The mixture takes on a stone form and imitates the appearance of natural stone. Precast stone comes in a variety of variations, and some are formed into slabs for ease of installation.

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

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Interior stone wall ideas with natural or artificial stone add unique character to any room. There are many ways to use natural and artificial stone in the interior. Stone also works with a variety of design styles. It is an excellent choice for rustic, rustic or contemporary interiors, and the stone wall emphasizes the design concept. In a rustic or cottage interior, the combination of stone walls, furniture, fabrics and accessories creates a cozy and inviting space, while in a modern interior, stone emphasizes the clean lines of the design. Very often interior stone walls are the focal point of a room and you will see some amazing accent walls in the pictures below.

Internal stone walls have a unique structure, are extremely durable and have excellent insulating properties. The stone is resistant to temperature changes and is an excellent choice for “hot spots” such as fireplaces or indoor pizza ovens. Environmentally friendly and reliable internal stone walls are resistant to high levels of moisture, wear-resistant, fireproof and resistant to mold or fungus. The stone used for interior decoration is light, so the finish or the wall itself will not collapse or deform. The stone does not rot, does not retain odors and has the longest service life of all other finishing materials. In addition, you can choose from different colors and create a beautiful stone wall with a unique pattern and design. Limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, and coral stone are the most popular choices. Finally, maintaining internal stone walls is relatively easy. It is enough to periodically wipe the wall with a damp cloth with mild detergents or simply with a damp cloth. To avoid possible damage and deterioration of the beauty of the finish, do not clean stone walls with metal brushes or abrasives.

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Depending on the design of the house or room, you can use your stone wall as an accent wall. You need to choose the right type of stone to add texture and depth to your interior. Darker-colored stones can be cold, so combine them with softer-looking materials – wood, rugs, cushions, etc. Lighting is essential as it highlights the natural textures and veins of the stone. Even a bright stone can create the wrong impression if not properly lit.

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But when you want to discover the natural beauty of stone, pay special attention to a few simple rules. Regardless of whether you choose natural or artificial stone, you will have a strong decorative element in the room.

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

Try to create the right lighting that will emphasize the texture of your natural stone wall. It can be included in the interior of any style, but it is important to choose the right type of stone. For example, limestone is a relatively soft stone, very beautiful and visually appealing, which is successfully used for interior and exterior decoration. It is an excellent choice for modern stylish designs.

Combine natural stones with warmer materials such as leather, fur, cashmere, rugs and fluffy cushions. In this way, you will be able to balance the coldness of the stone.

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

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Add pops of bright color in earthy shades of yellow, orange and red. With them, your stone wall will stand out in a very spectacular way.

Don’t be afraid to use stones of different sizes. The difference in size will add a dynamic look and give your stone wall a more natural look. Stone is one of the most popular and common building materials, but since it is mostly used on the exterior of buildings, interior stone walls are not exactly something we are used to. They give a feeling of rusticity and comfort, sometimes we associate them with wine cellars, castles and mountain homes. But there are many other ways of using stone in interior design. In the following cases we go

Interior Stone Wall Decoration Ideas

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