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How To Put Up Wire Shelves

How To Put Up Wire Shelves – Dear James: When we moved into this house, it seemed to have a lot of closet space. Now, with my teenage daughters, there isn’t enough room. How can we install some inexpensive shelves to make better use of the closets? – Steve C.

Dear Steve: It’s amazing how quickly closets fill up with clothes and just “stuff” when kids hit their teens. You can try having a competition for your kids where the winner is the one who donates the most old clothes (by volume of course) to Goodwill.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

Most wardrobes only have one rod on each side to hang clothes on and a shelf above each rod. Home decor experts find that the typical closet, with the right organization and shelving, can easily hold three times more than it does now.

Ways To Cut Wire Shelving

Installing wire shelving is one of your best options for making better use of closet space. If the words “wire heater” conjure up images of old utilitarian shelves, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new designs and styles. They are attractive and have a unique political and modern look.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

Best of all, wire shelving is easy to install even for the most inexperienced DIYer. Most wire shelves use colored and durable powder-coated steel wire. With the thick coating, the wire looks much heavier than it actually is, so you shouldn’t have any problems handling and mounting it.

You can usually find a wide range of products at most home center stores. Don’t think about buying a kit on your first trip to the store. Choose a style you like, then note the sizes and accessories you may need. These include drawers, ties, hats, clothes baskets, shoes, etc.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

How To Install Wire Shelving

Armed with this information, go home and measure your closets. Use a piece of paper to make a scale sketch of each closet and place the shelves and accessories where you need them. This planning process takes a little extra time, but it is the best method to efficiently use your limited storage space.

Open weave wire shelving is generally best for most closets and the easiest type to install yourself. It looks attractive and allows you to see what is on each shelf without having to remove things. The open design also allows air to flow through the clothes to keep them cool.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

All wire shelving kits have detailed instructions and tips for fitting the components. Generally, the first shelf about 36 inches above the floor provides enough space to hang blouses underneath. Place other shelves 16 inches apart above that usually works well.

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Your shelving kit should include all the support posts, brackets, back clips and wall anchors to mount the shelves. You need to cut these items for an effective fit in your closets. Always use a saw with a new fine tooth blade. This will make an even cut through the steel material.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

The key to sturdy shelves is to properly anchor the back clips to the wall. They provide the primary support for the shelves. The kit should contain several types of anchors for different wall materials. If your home has drywall, be sure to use anchors designed for hollow walls.

– Send your questions to Here’s How, 6906 Royalgreen Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45244 or visit To learn more about James Dulley and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and designers, visit the Creators Syndicate website at This week I’m sharing a tutorial on how to remove wire shelves without damaging your walls. Getting rid of the old shelves was the first step in my One Room Challenge pantry makeover, so I’m glad that part is behind me. That said, right now all my pantry food is on my dining room table, so this project needs to be done quickly! White wire shelves are very common, but many choose to replace them over time. I’ve seen a few cases where someone removes their wire shelves and in the process create giant holes in their walls, so I thought it might help if I share my process for removing wire shelves and brackets without damaging your walls . Seriously, it’s that easy, you just need some tools. I bet most of you already have these tools on hand.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

The Best Wire Shelf

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Before I get into the details, this is what my pantry shelf looked like. All the closets in my house have these white shelves. It’s not terrible, but it’s still not my preference, so I’m slowly updating my wardrobe one by one.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

The shelves are not physically attached to anything so they can just be moved out of place. If they are tight in any of the mounts, just use a rubber mallet to remove them. For surfaces close to the wall, it was easier to use the opposite end (wood) of the mallet.

Tier Wire Shelving Unit

This is where some people get too excited and just rip out fasteners and drag out large pieces of drywall. But there is a simple and quick solution! Just use a small flat head screwdriver and pry the nail until it wears out far enough to grab it with pliers and pull.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

Note that if your brackets were installed with screws instead of nails, you will need a drill/screwdriver to remove the screws.

That’s right, super easy and no damage to the wall! I worked on patching the small nail holes in the wall with DAP putty and a small putty knife. Between the iron, I sand with a plaster sanding sponge. Since all the walls will be covered with cabinets or wallpaper I’m not too worried about the finish, but I want it to be as smooth as possible, so there are no lumps under the wallpaper.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

Shelving And Storage

I also removed the sockets as you can see in the picture above. Since I build custom cabinets, I don’t need bases in most of the finished pantry.

I officially have two weeks left for the One Room Challenge. For the next two weeks, I will be working on the custom wardrobe. This will be by far the longest and most complicated part of the renovation. I hope everything goes as planned and I have no problems. I just got a new recycling bin and dog food storage container today so I’m excited to build a pull out recycling bin and a pull out cabinet to store my dog’s food. It will be nice to have a place to store them, but you have them behind beautiful cabinets so you don’t see them all the time. Here is my complete renovation plan.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

You can visit the One Room Challenge blog to see room transformations from all the participants. Everyone will share weekly progress updates with final reveals on November 11-12.

How To Cut Wire Shelving

I hope you found this simple tutorial on how to remove wire shelves useful. Next week this pantry will look very different, as some cabinets will be finished. Ahhh…wire shelves. The shelves we all love to hate. It is durable, cost-effective and practical. But man, it’s an eye. Not to mention how it leaves lines on your clothes and nothing ever seems to balance well on it. This DIY tutorial will teach you how to cover wire shelves on a budget.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

When we moved in two years ago, one of the first things I did was install this simple console and remove the double doors from the linen closet in our kids’ bathroom. I had originally planned to paint and reinstall, but that was another project doomed to the Pinterest graveyard. So when I saw this amazing Within the Grove makeover, I decided to make a wire shelf rest myself instead.

This particular closet had some corners, and I didn’t mind removing the shelves, so these DIY wire shelves were the perfect solution. This would also be a great project for someone renting because they don’t have to remove the existing shelves.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves

This Tiktok Hack Will Help You Dress Up Wire Shelves

If you need help cleaning your space first, read my simple tips to get you started today!

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How To Put Up Wire Shelves

The dimensions will be specific to your particular shelf. Since mine had a corner, I used a piece of brown kraft paper as a template to get the exact shape.

Best Wire Shelving For Storage And Displays

Make your own plywood cuts. I used my Kreg Rip-Cut jig and circular saw to make five cuts that matched the width and depth of my shelves. These will be the top of your shelves. I also cut my 1 x 3 face boards to the same length.

How To Put Up Wire Shelves


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