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How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash – Before I share today’s DIY project with you, I wanted to let you know that my DIY Interior Design for Real People e-book is now available in a great bundle of 76+ related DIY e-books ($34.95 for the complete package) available in five days only to come. Please click here for details.

A few weeks ago I shared a living room before and after. Since the post I’ve been getting requests for a study to change the institution. Ask and you shall receive.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

These guys aren’t afraid to do a DIY project. Not only are they not afraid to try any kind of DIY project, they blow it out of the park every time.

How To Whitewash Brick Walls And Fireplaces In 6 Easy Steps

Immediately after I met with Sarah and discussed painting her fireplace, they went to work researching ways to paint the brick. They prefer a whitewashed finish as opposed to an opaque finish. They put their 4 young children to bed and go to town by the center. This project took about 3 hours.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

They first removed the tree cover. Then one of them applied an equal mixture of latex paint and water to the bricks with a brush, while the other used a rag to remove the access.

After one application they were satisfied with the results. You can use multiple layers (by repeating the process) depending on what opacity you like. The whitewash method allows the variation in brick color to show. Brick is very brittle and will take paint unevenly, which is a good thing in this case. It created a good old fashioned ending full of character. Every brick is different, my advice is, if possible, to test this technique on your brick material in an inconspicuous area before attempting this project. This ensures that you will be happy with the results. Sarah and EJ are examined under their coats.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

Wife Says Whitewashed Brick Is

If your coat cannot be removed and you don’t intend to paint it, you can cover it with plastic and tape to prevent dripping.

Sorry if you’ve been waiting for a long, tedious step-by-step guide. This project is very simple and easy for me to make difficult. If you’re someone who likes scary, stressful, complicated, multi-step, time-consuming DIY projects that require a ton of special materials and mad skills, this is not the project for you. Thanks for stopping by our little corner of Blogland. This post is old and has been updated for clarity.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

Let me just say that I know this post is probably going to be a little controversial. My mom has been on Team-Don’t-Paint-The-Brick since I first mentioned it. My friend Erin was behind my painting plan from the beginning. That said, here’s a comparison picture to get my point across. I would love to hear your thoughts at the end after watching how to whiten bricks in an easy and (maybe even) free way!

Stunning Brick Fireplace Designs That Add Cozy Style To Any Home

It all started with a rash decision to bite the bullet and paint our coat white – something I’ve wanted to do since we moved in but never decided.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

But since we’re in the middle of early January (that part of the year when it’s too cold to paint anything outside or in the garage), I was desperate for progress, and since we had white paint on hand anyway, and that. The coat was already off after putting away the Christmas decorations, so I figured I could jump in with both feet.

Which we buy at Home Depot and use on anything that is ready made. It allows the paint to adhere without requiring extensive sanding or deglazing. You can also buy it on Amazon, HERE.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

How To Whitewash A Brick Fireplace

And before I started I went over the wood and sandpaper to make it a little rough. Although you don’t have to mix it with Zinsser, I wanted to do it a little bit because the wood was glossy with several layers of varnish.

At that time, I asked Wyatt if he had any concerns, and he said, “No, but I wish you would start in the basement…”

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

This is after two coats of primer so it wasn’t quite finished, even though it was so pretty I knew I wasn’t done yet. And of course, Wyatt spoke first.

How To Paint A Black Brick Fireplace

As beautiful as the white coat looks (we are moving away from the orange tone of the wood that fills our house when we enter), the black brick stood out now that the difference was very strong.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

At first we were thinking of painting the brick white like John and Sherry did in their old house. (Check it out if you’re not a fan of painted brick and it will change your mind!) But he wasn’t ready to dive into it completely. And I agree it’s a big step because when you decide on a color you can’t go back to the natural look of the brick.

After a quick search on the Internet I had the idea that I could whitewash the brick and when I showed Wyatt this photo from East Coast Creative he was interested. Check out her post for more inspiration on how to do white brick and change the look of an entire room.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

Painting Brick Fireplace White

He was a little hesitant about the white coat because it was dark gray in the example above, but after some persuasion he was willing for me to grab a brush and get to work. Speaking of brushes, this is my favorite.

You can also buy it from your favorite hardware store. It’s a Wooster Pro 1.5 inch angled brush and I’m buying a couple of these to keep going and protect a lot. I clean them thoroughly after every job and they last a year or so. Wyatt prefers the 2″ size and this 3-pack of good sizes is great for getting started on DIY projects.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

To start, I mixed the paint in a Chinese takeout bowl (Egg Drop Soup anyone?), but it would be nice to use a real paint cup with a handle. We love these because they fit into our favorite paint bucket.

Whitewashed Brick Fireplace »

It costs less than $10 and is worth it for its convenience. It has a magnet inside that keeps the brush upright, which is great as you need both hands free to wipe up any drips with a rag during this whitening project. Anything that contains chaos is a success in my book. Also, it has clear lines that can be purchased that make whitewashing very easy because you can easily see if your paint/water mixture is well mixed. And you don’t need to clean the bucket when you use one of them. # It’s worth it

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

Then mix, mix, mix. Seriously, you have to mix it well. And often. When you think you’ve stirred it enough, keep stirring. We found that stirring every few minutes while applying the whitewash also helped a lot to get coverage. Again, those clear liners come in handy here.

While I was doing this, Wyatt put on carpet protection. (EDIT: This was before we had hardwood floors – see this change HERE.)

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

Steps To Whitewashing Your Brick Fireplace

We weren’t too worried about that as we hope to be able to replace the floor here soon…but we don’t want to live with painted carpets until then. Luckily we save our newspapers for reuse and they do a great job of protecting things from the messy painting.

Before we started we also cleaned the whole chimney to make sure there is no dirt, dust or build-up in it.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

Then just wash the paint and water mixture on a few stones at a time and wipe off before they dry.

How To Easily Whitewash A Brick Fireplace With Paint (2023 Guide)

I have found that using your brush on the grout first (instead of the brick) after applying the paint and water mixture really helps because the runny casts like crazy and the grout is much better soaked in water. prevents large drops and runs. It still has drips though, so I recommend working quickly to smooth these out so you don’t end up with weird drip marks in your final result. It’s fairly forgiving, though, and you can always go back to the spot if you want to touch it up.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

We also found that some of our rocks had an odd texture (probably partially sealed with something) which made it very difficult to get good coverage. On these bricks, I simply applied the whitewash mixture over and over again until it finally covered the surface of the brick.

Keep in mind that the flow will see a lot of liquid seeping into the bricks and you will have to rethink, but the good thing is that you are looking at random differences in coverage.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace Whitewash

Whitewash Your Brick Fireplace With Limewash Paint

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